Alzheimer PET Scan

Alzheimer's disease is a form of dementia that gradually gets worse over time. This disease involves loss of brain function and affects memory, thinking and behavior. Forgetfulness is the first sign of this disease but most people don't take this symptom seriously. They think that being forgetful is a natural occurrence especially to older people. This leads to late detection of the disease, being only diagnosed when the Alzheimer's has greatly progressed. Most doctors nowadays use Alzheimer PET scan as an effective diagnostic tool.

During neurological tests, imaging procedures such as a PET scan are used by doctors to establish a confirmation in the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. With the use of the Alzheimer PET scan, the brain movements will be evaluated along with the overall sensory functions and coordination. The doctor will diagnose the disease the disease by conducting physical exam, asking questions about the medical history and a mental status examination.

Elite Imaging:
Provider Of PET Scans For Diagnosis

In a specialized medical industry that requires imaging services for accurate diagnosis, Elite Imaging is among the best providers of this service. We know how valuable our services are to every single person who wants to know accurate information regarding the progress of a disease or if it exists in them. We are known to provide services in all areas of medical imaging and radiology. Our location right in the middle of South Florida makes us accessible from Miami, Fort Lauderdale and other cities within South Florida.

For our Alzheimer PET scan service, we assure you that we use the most advanced technology to detect the disease. Though a cure may not still be an available cure for Alzheimer's, through our imaging services, we intend to help those with Alzheimer's and their family to prepare for the disease. Detection will allow them to be able to cope with the disease better and prepare for emotionally and mentally for its effects.

Accurate Alzheimer PET Scan For Correct Diagnosis

Diagnostic imaging is vital in detecting the onset of Alzheimer's. In fact, it is only through medical imaging that Alzheimer's will be diagnosed. You and your loved ones deserve the best medical attention that pays great attention to details. If you want accurate Alzheimer PET scan, contact Elite Imaging now.


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Alzheimer PET Scan